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Sundays are Made for Cooking

Super secret family spaghetti recipe

Happy Sunday, Internet! I’m in a great mood today. My Fitbit tells me that I’ve gotten 32.7 hours of sleep over the past three days, and it was awesome not wake up exhausted! I also had a nice talk with the boyfriend yesterday about everything that’s weighing me down. Sometimes talking about what’s getting you down helps, even if it’s not a “productive” talk, where you finish the conversation with an action plan. I also started reading a book on cognitive behavioral therapy (it’s called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies — normally I don’t like labeling myself a dummy, but it was the best choice in the Kindle store). I’ll tell you about it later. Today I want to talk about food!

Pictured above is the boyfriend’s super-secret  family spaghetti recipe, passed down from father to son for three generations. We’ve been making this a few times a year, for fun and for special occasions, since we first started dating in college. It’s a great batch cooking food, because if it’s going to be simmering all day, you might as well make enough for leftovers. We usually put some leftovers in the fridge, and then the rest in freezer bags, which we freeze flat so that it’s easy to break off a chunk and reheat in the mircrowave. Leftover noodles can be layered with cheese in a casserole dish, baked, and topped with leftover sauce.

Today I also plan on doing the prep work for some meals later this week. Maria at Chasing the Now posted a great intro to meal planning the other day. For some reason, meal planning has always intimidated me. But I took her advice about roping your significant other into helping you plan, and in the 5 minutes it took for us to get our lattes at Starbucks this morning, I had the week planned out. Funny how that works, doesn’t it?

The plan for the week is going to be pretty easy since we’ll have lots of spaghetti leftovers. Additionally, we want to make Japanese curry (it’s incredibly easy if you buy the Japanese curry cubes at the store), pizza, and roasted veggies with alfredo sauce.

I’m going to go grocery shopping later today for any additional ingredients we’ll need, start pre-chopping vegetables for the curry and veggie roast, and start kneading dough for pizza. It’s been a long time since I’ve done homemade pizza dough, but I’m looking forward to it.

Breakfasts will involve rice cooker oatmeal, cereal or English muffins, and lunches for me will largely be ever-delicious leftovers.

Before my grandpa passed away, my grandma batch cooked for him on the weekends. She orchestrated the day around creating a week’s worth of frozen dinners that he could pop in the microwave at lunchtime (he was retired; she worked). I might give that a try and pre-portion some leftovers into containers I can take to work with me.

Do you batch cook on weekends, or take a day to plan and prep for the week’s meals?
How many family members do you cook for?

2 thoughts on “Sundays are Made for Cooking

  1. oooh.. I suppose this is that infamous spaghetti then? Nice. 😀

    The boyfriend and I used to batch cook like mad back in college. I’m talking a 16 quart stock pot of chili type batch cooking. We would store our leftovers in these huge plastic ice cream buckets from Costco and eat out of them for the whole week, it drove our room mates mad!

    These days, due to space restrictions in our tiny Japanese kitchen, batch cooking usually means 6-8 servings tops, though I usually stick to about four; enough for dinner and the next day’s lunch!

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