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The Ultimate Lactose-Free Milk Replacement

…is cashew cream (or milk)!

Watch Tal Ronen make cashew cream ##http://www.talronnen.com/video/?video=4##here##.

I’m somewhat lactose intolerant, which sucks because my all-time favorite comfort food has always been Campbell’s Tomato Soup made with milk. It tastes absolutely awful with soymilk. But when I tried Tal Ronen’s recipe for cashew milk/cream and made said soup… it was amazing. It looked right, it cooked right, and it tasted perfect. I haven’t tasted that in literally years.

I think cashew milk works better than soy in this instance due to the higher fat content, but the neutral flavor helps too.

The only problem I had, using a less sophisticated blender than Ronen’s, was separating the milk from the crushed up bits of cashew solids. I tried cheesecloth, and that was a wee bit messy. Perhaps a nut milk bag or creative use of ladies’ hosiery would work better next time!

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Lactose-Free Milk Replacement

  1. You can buy cashew milk. I’m very fond of almond milk. And hazelnut milk is THE BEST for hot chocolate.

    I am making oatmeal this morning with light coconut milk….we’ll see how taht turns out.

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