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iFitness Running Belt

Guess who got a new toy!


See that sweet doo-dad strapped on my hips? That, my friends, is a Neoprene Double Pouch Belt from iFitness, a company that seems to be heavily marketing themselves at racing expos lately. I’ve heard tons of great things about them online, but having not been to a big race in a while, I haven’t seen them in person yet. That didn’t keep me from sending the website to a SparkPeople friend who was looking for a way to bring his phone and some chapstick on a marathon a while back, though. He saw them pre-race, broke the “no new gadgets on race day” rule, and never looked back.

I was actually doing fine without a pocket for extra stuff lately because my iPhone 4 fit in the back zipper pocket of my favorite running shorts. Then, six weeks later, my free iPhone case finally arrived (thanks, Steve Jobs), and sadly, my iPhone no longer fit in my shorts. 🙁 I’d gotten rather addicted to taking snapshots of neat stuff and listening to audiobooks on my phone while running. So I thought maybe the iFitness was finally in order. Not to mention it was the beginning of October and I had a clean budget slate to work with!

The one thing I was concerned about was whether a non-nekkid phone would fit. I turned my eyes heavenward and my fingers keyboard-ward and ordered.

When it arrived on Tuesday, I opened the package with bated breath and rushed to take out my phone and slip it in…

An iPhone in a protective case fits perfectly in the iFitness belt!*

Check it out, y’all! It fits!!

*Fun GIF animation idea blatantly stolen from (never)homemaker, because Ashley is geektastic!

I took it on its inaugural run yesterday evening and was pleased that the hype didn’t lie. While many women avoid fuel belts because they won’t sit still on our singularly fantastic rumps, the iFitness didn’t budge once. Actually, I didn’t even notice it after about three steps. I situated it with the pocket carrying my phone in the small of my back, which felt normal since that’s where my shorts pocket is.


The awesome thing about the neoprene pouch is that when I took my phone out post-run, it wasn’t covered in a film of sweat, as often happened when it was in my shorts.

If there was one single nit-picky dumb thing I would change — I would add a little hole for the iPhone cord to slither out of, since the iPhone headphone port is off to one side rather than smack-dab in the middle of the device. But that was really a stretch. I really couldn’t find anything to dislike about this gadget. It’s even made out of a soft and stretchy fabric that didn’t leave a single mark on the notoriously delicate fabric of the shirt I wore last night.

Rock on, iFitness! I guess I never have to worry about being stuck in the middle of nowhere without my phone while on a long run. I could even tuck a credit card and/or some cash into the handy build-in interior card pouch and go run to Starbucks for a latte. 🙂

Have you used an iFitness belt, Spibelt or fuel belt? What do you like/dislike about it?

4 thoughts on “iFitness Running Belt

  1. I WANT ONE!

    I have a fuel belt that I like but if I don’t need it for a run (3 miles really doesn’t require a fuel belt, let’s be honest) I usually have nowhere to store my key, my ID, and my credit card (hey, I can’t help it if Jamba Juice is on the way home from my path).

    I have seen them before and I’m hoping to snatch one up at my next race…I haven’t been to a real expo in a long time, so I have hankering for swag. R, I’m sure, just died a bit when I typed that, she’s in charge of the budget.

    Thanks for the review, very helpful. And niiiiice animation!

    1. A lightbox would have helped with that GIF, actually — you should have seen the wacky set-up I had, with my camera precariously balanced on the moveable arms of one of those five-light floorlamps, which was precariously pointing over my bookshelf!

      I have to admit I was prejudiced against animated GIFs before reading your blog. Remember the “email me” icons from the 1990s that were little mailboxes eating letters? Or forum avatars… lol.

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