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Scrumptious Sunday

Raise your hand if you remember reading Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak:

Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak

Book preview from ##http://www.amazon.com/Chicken-Soup-Rice-Book-Months/dp/006443253X##Amazon.com

I can’t think of a better recipe for a blustery November Sunday!

Epicurious had my back, once again, for the easiest, tastiest recipe ever.

We went from this:

Soon to be chicken soup with rice.

To this:

Chicken soup with rice

While snacking on some of this:

Alton Brown style avo-brisling toasts

Over the course of about two hours, maybe three tops.

And yes, those are avocado and sardine toasts a la Alton Brown.

10 thoughts on “Scrumptious Sunday

  1. I actually have never heard of that book before…I thought you were just tweeting rhymes you made up yourself… >_>;;

    That soup looks fab! I wish I had some. I’m having leftover butternut squash soup tonight for dinner, but to tell the truth, I’m getting a little squashed out. Might have to freeze the last couple of servings so I can move on to some more deliciousness.

    How’d you end up feeling about the sardines?

    1. I do love rhymes. “Quit rhyming, Fezzik, I mean it!” — “Does anybody want a peanut?” (Princess Bride FTW!)

      You know what’s interesting? I went heavy on the avo and light on the sardines because I was nervous… and afterward I wished I had gone light on the avo and heavy on the sardines. 😉 They’re seriously not bad at all. I even tried some kippered herring (my boyfriend loves little smoked fishes) and it was pretty tasty, kind of like smoked trout or lox or something.

      Part of what made the toasts so tasty is that I brushed them with the olive oil the sardines were packed in and broiled them for a bit first. Noooommmmm!

        1. If you mash ’em up they’re seriously just like tuna. I don’t know whether that’s just how they are, or if it has to do with how they’re smoked, but the texture is totally tuna-ey!

  2. YUM!!!! I would like sardine/avocado toasts. Kittehs would like the sardines. DH likes just the toast.

    We’ve reinstituted the Sunday Big Pasta Dinner. I’m making a really chunky veggie pasta sauce with rehydrated Asian mushrooms, and a fresh loaf of semolina bread. (basic Italian bread recipe with 1 cup of regular flour replaced with semolina flour — found at most health foods and gourmet stores). DH is from NYC and appreciates a real Italian flavor.

    And then tomorrow, there’s leftovers!

    BTW, I made an Indian dinner last night and made mango lassis with my kefir — totally yummy!

    1. We’ve been letting the cats have some of the oil that the sardines (and kippers — boyfriend loves them but we’ve never stocked up on them for some reason) are packed in. Their coats are already super shiny!

      I’m starting to really love big Sunday cooking expeditions. 🙂 We seriously ended up with like a gallon of chicken soup, and it’s better than even the chicken soup at Whole Foods. Cooking at home is awesome, especially when you live in a culinary wasteland like Reno.

      I’ve never had lassis. I’ll have to check it out!

  3. As I mentioned on twitter, I LOVED that book! Read it so often the seam came undone. Ooops. Oddly enough, though. I’ve never had chicken soup with rice. Whenever my family made chicken soup it was chicken noodle soup. Either those thin little 1-inch egg noodles, or alphabet pasta. hee.

    I’ve only made it once myself here about 2-3 years back, but I stuck w/ noodles as I was raised.

    I also second the above, btw. Mango lassi kefir is one of my top 3 flavors. I like it w/ just a little frozen banana for thickness, and lots of fresh mango. 😀

    1. That’s hilarious! It was one of my all-time favorite books, and I had never had chicken soup with rice either, probably until I met my boyfriend and had his mom’s Christmas chicken and wild rice soup.

      I’m not a huge fan of chicken noodle, though maybe I would be if I’d ever used alphabet pasta. 😉 The recipe I used today called for brown rice, which was perfect! And a whole grain to boot.

      I’ve been mixing V8 Fusion (one of the mango flavors) with my kefir and have really enjoyed it, but I’m sure it would be way better with actual mango!

      Incidentally, every time I mix kefir with juice, I feel like a dork because all I can think about is making “au laits” in Harvest Moon for Gameboy.

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