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What has 24 legs and runs all night long?

Why, a Reno-Tahoe Odyssey team, of course! Twelve runners per team, two days, and 178 miles from Reno, around Lake Tahoe, and back again (the long way).

This is by far my favorite running event ever. It kept me from giving up on running when I was having knee issues, and it reminds me that running is about more than burning calories or preventing heart disease. Despite all those solitary miles we run, in the end it’s about coming together with friends and strangers to have fun and push your limits. And sometimes it’s about wearing silly hats and screaming gleefully at strangers sprinting away in prison outfits. Or even about remembering someone special who is gone.

This will be my fourth year running the Odyssey, and it’s bound to be totally epic. You should follow our team (Fight or Flight) on Friday and Saturday morning at our live-updating website. (We anticipate running from 10am Friday through 2pm Saturday.) Get this, we’re so awesome that not only are we sponsored by a kick-ass Tahoe company called Corporate Visions — we’re also fundraising through the Corporate Visions Power Foundation to help kids with cancer in Northern Nevada.

Do you like kids? Do you hate cancer?! Do you have $10??!! JACKPOT!

–> Donate here <–


Of course, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be bombarded with Odyssey babble whether you check our team website or not. You can feel free to give us a shoutout at #cvifightorflight if you’re a Twittaholic, too.

And now to travel back in time.

The year was 2010. Year of the monkey. Er, year of the Trunk Monkeys. When you run an adventure relay, you can count on your support vehicle providing you with water, encouragement, and occasionally a spirit tunnel. (I like to throw in some jazz hands during tunnel moments.)

The year 2009 will live in infamy as the year a a movie with a $300 million dollar budget used the font Papyrus for its fake language subtitles. (cough AVATAR cough) It will also be heralded by cute, furry creatures and Al Gore* as the year the Project Green Star Runners completely offset their team’s carbon footprint. We obviously took ourselves very seriously.

*Ok, maybe not Al Gore.

This was the first year of a team cohesive in spirit if not in name; the same core Green Star runners I shared a sweaty van with in 2009 ran with me as Trunk Monkeys in 2010 and are running with me again as Fight or Flighters this year.

And who can forget good old 2008? The very first year I ran the Odyssey, where I was welcomed into veteran team Scrambled Legs ‘n’ Achin. Which is pretty descriptive synopsis of the event, except it leaves out meeting hilarious teams from Houston who all wore fake afros.

So now you know what I’m going to be doing this weekend! If you’re in the Reno-Tahoe area, I urge you to cheer on runners you see on the road Friday and Saturday. If you’re not, maybe you should check out these other adventure relay races held elsewhere in the United States.

And no matter what, you really should consider donating to those cancer kids. Just sayin’.

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    1. Oh my gosh!! Hood to Coast is like the mother of all adventure relays — how cool is it that you got a spot? I’m totally looking forward to hearing how you like it. Have you done it before?

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