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Food Planning for San Diego Comic-Con (…and other awesome travels)

Slave Elsa and Penny

I totally went to San Diego Comic-Con last weekend! First convention ever. The photo above is an awesome cosplayer who dressed as Slave Elsa (get it? Slave Leia from Star Wars + Elsa from Frozen?) with me as Penny from Big Bang Theory. It was super fun, and way hectic, and incredibly awesome, and I did more food planning than I ever have for any non-camping trip ever… which totally paid off!

It wasn’t a Whole 30 approved trip or anything, but I didn’t end up with traveler’s tummy once during our entire vacation, and I feel like we saved both time and money by bringing lunch on our excursions. Instead of waiting in line for greasy lunch food (…and let me tell you, lunch lines were long), we could just stake out a nice sunny spot overlooking the bay and nom to our hearts’ content!

San Diego convention center lunch spot

For the plane ride, I used frozen grapes as an ice pack (TSA regulations) and ate them when they thawed. They were a bit soft but still yummy.

Here’s my airport bento, complete with a Cinnamoroll-shaped hardboiled egg, CSA cherry tomatoes, and Amazeballs from Well Fed 2 featuring our Smokey Ridge Charcuterie sausage mix. (Ok, Mel doesn’t call her meatball master recipe “amazeballs,” — but they are amazing, so that’s what I call them.)

Airport lunch

We got a hotel room with a fridge (if they tell you they can’t guarantee a fridge until you check in, tell them you have someone in your party with food intolerances — that seemed to be the trick where we stayed… we even got a microwave).

When we arrived, we hit up a nice grocery store that had packages of peeled, hardboiled eggs; ready-to-eat veggies; roast turkey breast; etc., which kept just fine in the fridge. Pro-tip, the Ralphs in the Gaslamp District of San Diego is super swanky.

Each night I’d pack the next day’s lunch and snacks, including my favorite nut mix and some paleo macaroons and chocolate covered banana bits for treats, and sometimes leftovers from our dinners out. My lunch box is a two-level bento style box that, when empty, can collapse to half its size, which was nice. (But I didn’t really account for washing it back at the hotel, oops?)

Here’s one day’s lunch. Hardboiled egg, roast turkey, sugar snap peas, carrots, jicama sticks, a leftover gluten-free cookie from Tender Greens, Whole Foods brand Cape Cod trail mix (basically almonds, cashews and cranberries), some cashew cream cheese for dipping, some cherries, and a gigantic Hydroflask full of ice-cold water.

Excursion lunch

The cashew cream cheese, and a few other sauces and dips, I actually packed at home. The cashew cream cheese was less than 2oz (for TSA regulations), and for my other sauces, I used these nifty, no-spill Lunch Bots dippers. I just popped them all in my liquids bag when we went through airport security, then put them back in with my cold stuff after we reached our terminal.

We lucked out with our hotel breakfasts too. Instead of just toast, muffins and pancakes, you could get eggs, sausage or bacon, and hash browns or home fries.

How do you guys like to plan food while traveling?

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  1. You inspire me to manage the airplane 2 oz rule and bring my food with me for those long trips from Reno to the east coast. Great job figuring this out and thanks for sharing.

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