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If I asked you to envision a fighter training for a big event, you’ll probably get “Eye of the Tiger” stuck in your head while you flash back to some of the greatest training montages of movie history. One man* against his own biggest obstacle — himself — with nothing but grit and an unrelenting coach to guide him.

Maybe that’s the way it has to be for the Dark Knight, but in my experience, the best thing about martial arts, and the thing that constantly pushes me beyond my own limits, is the community. Within the larger community surrounding Freestyle, we’re lucky to have our core group of fellow Intention candidates as teammates.

Knowing how much the other testers have helped me, and knowing the work everyone has been putting into their training, I’m excited to see how we do in the upcoming physical requirement testing. We’re all apprehensive about at least one event, but as each one comes due, between adrenaline, excitement, and each other’s encouragement, I’m sure we’ll all surprise ourselves… like Suzi did when she got her first dead-hang, unassisted chin-up last Saturday! See, Suzi, you just needed 20 people staring at you to give you that final “oomph.”

Speaking of milestones, last week was a big week for my teammates when it came to grappling! Suzi earned her first stripe on her jiu jitsu belt; and at the semi-annual Charles Gracie belt promotions, Wyatt and Eric received their blue belts, and tons of junior testers also got promoted. You all know how much I’ve come to love jiu jitsu, so it’s been downright awesome bringing another lady into the fold; and I was stoked to see Eric promoted, too, with his constant enthusiasm (especially about half guard!) and great attitude as a training partner.


Friday we test our pull-ups (or, optionally, chin-ups for the ladies). Saturday is our combined mile and quarter-mile test. Our last Run Club meeting was this week, and if anybody’s got the Eye of the Tiger, it’s those testers who have come to most, if not all, of Judith’s track workouts! We’ll see if any Wall of Fame records get broken, but I’m certain that several personal records will be. Between our grit, our unrelenting coaches, and each other, we’ve really got nothing to lose.

2 thoughts on “Camraderie

  1. Damn you pull-ups (and chin-ups)! Our SWAT team tryouts you only have to do one pull-up… but it’s with a tac-vest and helmet on… LOL. I’ve got a WAYS TO GO…

    You’re almost there, keep it up.

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