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Week #1 in Review

As indicated by the tardiness of this post, you can correctly assume that my first week of testing has been interesting to say the least. Some of the thoughts I’ve had this week include:

I didn’t think I’d be this nervous.
Wow! Checklisting is going better than I expected.
It’s too early in the game to be having a complete meltdown!!!
Wow! Checklisting is going worse than I expected.
I’ve come a long way since my first degree black belt.
I have so far to go to justify a second degree black belt.

I started off pretty strong. Over the course of the week I was able to pass 33 checks, attend 11 classes, run 3 miles, and survive the MRI workout at Camie Cragg Fitness. However, an important annual work deadline hit, and the only thing I could sacrifice was sleep. Things went downhill from there. I fully admit to crying through my last three sparring rounds on Friday, as sheer exhaustion combined with repeated kicks to my head brought out my inner mat bully.

I don’t know what it is about sparring, but it’s the one aspect of martial arts that is most likely to push me to the edge and bring out a pettiness and temper that turns me into the kind of sparring partner I don’t want to be. Immediate regret. Sad, asthmatic tears. Very uncomfortable sparring partners.


That aside, I am proud of myself for making as many classes as I did last week, and not skipping a single checklist opportunity, especially as I missed four full days of classes and checklisting the following week due to work travel. I was also surprised at how natural my round-wheel feels these days. The flip side of that is that I’m having consistent problems with one of my favorite kicks (slide side kick) both in forms and a la carte.

My goal for this week is to get back on track as quickly as possible after my trip, and to continue focusing on self-care and a positive attitude.

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  1. Just showing up is half the fight! I try to remember that. Not matter how crappy my run, workout, or whatever is, as long as I show up and fumble through it I call it a win.

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