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Comment Roundup

Thank you guys so much your comments last week! I was stoked to see all the positive responses on Twitter, too. I truly appreciate your support in my blogging adventures.

This week’s comment roundup:

Exercise vs. Depression: Round 1. FIGHT!

Several of you commented on being open about depression. It’s important to me to lay it all out there, because it seems as though few bloggers, especially food and fitness bloggers, talk about it much, if at all. I was so surprised — and proud — when Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point announced on her blog that her “big secret” from her book, Operation Beautiful, was that she used to engage in self-harm. It’s easy to read your friends’ Facebook pages or your favorite blogs and think, “They’re all so happy, and lead such perfect, interesting lives. What’s wrong with me?” In fact, I recently got a comment like that from a childhood friend who found me on Facebook! I’m certainly not happy 100% of the time; it’s that I don’t want to depress my friends, and I get the support I need for my foul moods outside of social media. (Sorry, boyfriend. <3) I also don’t want to dwell on things. If I look at my Twitter feed or Facebook page, I would rather remember fun things from the past couple weeks rather than the numerous bitchy moments I suffer through.

So long story short, I may not emote about it, and your friends and favorite bloggers may not talk about it, but I want you to know that you’re not alone if you feel depressed, whether it’s “sometimes” or “all the time.”

Speaking of which, Darcy said:

For myself, exercise doesn’t make me feel immediately better all of the time (in fact, sometimes I have a major crash *after* a run, or just want to cry while I’m running) so that motivation does not exist for me (I wonder if there are others who feel that way).

I’m going to lay this out there: I cried like a baby during two or three Bikram yoga classes earlier this summer! It would have been super embarrassing if not for the fact that you sweat so much during Bikram that I doubt anyone could tell tears from sweat. 😉 And sometimes I get so pissed on a run that I’ll just start sprinting like a bat out of hell. (I like to call it fartlek therapy.) So yes, others do feel that way. Even though exercise is an effective treatment for depression, sometimes you just gotta feel what you gotta feel, and nothing is that “magic bullet” that will suddenly make everything better.

How to Start a Fitness Program

I enjoyed doing a little research about my favorite introductory (or re-introductory) fitness program, the Couch to 5K. Natasha made a great point when she said:

A 10-min mile is pretty fast, but maybe with motivational music it could be done. At my peak, I was running a 12-min mile which I worked VERY hard to achieve.

You’re totally right, Natasha! I run somewhere between 11- and 12-minute miles myself, and it took a lot of hard work to get there. At the end of the Couch to 5K program, you might not be running 5K in exactly 30 minutes, but you will be able to run (or maintain a higher pace at your substitute exercise, such as the elliptical or rowing machine) for 30 minutes at a time without walk breaks. For general health and wellness, doing so three times a week is an awesome goal. If you decide to participate in a 5K run, your time might run more in the 35-40 minute range. The good news is that running events are saturated with incredibly positive energy from the runners, the organizers, and your own nerves; I usually run slightly faster than normal at races compared to my training runs.

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