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Beyond the Mat Lesson #3: Keeping Your Goals In Sight

This week’s lesson was all about maintaining your focus despite inevitable setbacks.

The irony is that this week’s lesson was actually the lesson for several weeks ago, and because of aforementioned setbacks, I’m sitting in a corner of the mat between classes typing my first draft of this entry on my cell phone trying to catch up. (Note: I didn’t revise this for yet another week — and so my journal entry to-dos continue to pile up, haha.)

I’ve generally been able to recommit to my goals every week by putting together my bullet journal spread for the week on Saturday night. This particular week, I pulled it out every day to look at the vast expanse of blank goals glaring up from the page. It’s important to be kind to yourself, but at the same time I know that this is the worst week for an unintentional break since a school holiday is coming up.

I don’t exactly know how to proceed. This training program has acutely highlighted the imbalances in my life; either I’m overcommitted, or I’m under-organized. Perhaps a bit of both!

However, I think I managed to “adult” this week and catch up enough to get back to my normal work and training routine next week. I guess I’ll just be taking the holiday as an opportunity to work on my three mile and other conditioning baselines since my “rest” week was unintentionally moved up (if you can call 12-hour workdays “rest!”).

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