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CGN’s New Groove

Saturday morning, as usual, I was running the first hill on the Freestyle loop. Then, something amazing happened. My legs started to feel tired before my lungs crapped out and asthma set in! On the second lap, I focused on my step cadence and breathing. I pumped my arms. I pumped my legs. And still, my lungs outlasted my legs!

I really feel like I’ve finally hit my groove this week with conditioning. My short distances are feeling good, and I got a lifetime PR on the treadmill of 27:00 for the 3-mile. I’ve been greasing the groove at home with frequent, low reps of push-ups, pull-ups and rows — I even switched from the green to the purple band for assisted pull-ups.

I’m excited to see how this translates to stamina for thai boxing and jiu jitsu rounds. Hopefully this means I’ll stay strong and technical through the whole set of thai combos and remain on the offense for live grappling rounds.

This week I also hit day 365 of my once-a-day mindfulness meditation goal — even though the last two months of meditations have been sleep sessions. I think even the sleep sessions have helped me unwind and calm any anxiety before sleeping, which is so important for recovery.

The pre-test and first conditioning baseline (static abs) start next weekend. Before I know it, it will be August and 2nd degree testing time. Bring it on!!!

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