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Some days it just doesn’t happen, and that’s ok

So I was hoping to post fun photos from my Sunday 7-miler in today’s post… but Sunday’s 7-miler just didn’t happen! Some sort of storm was trying to blow into Reno, and while I can deal with running in heat, cold, rain, or dark, running against wind is simply nasty, doubly so when you’re running past vast undeveloped lots subject to dust storms. When we first moved into our house here a few years ago, before more of the lots were developed or any of the yards were landscaped, we had at least two Burning Man quality whiteouts.

As far as running, I could have gone to the gym and done it on the treadmill. Instead, though, I think I’ll make up for it tonight or tomorrow, even if it has to replace one of the shorter, “filler” runs I have scheduled this week. (Long runs are really important; I don’t mind putting it off or shortening it slightly, but I hesitate to chuck it completely.)

I did, however, have a very nice 2-miler on Saturday.

Saturday was a gorgeous day for a run! Sunny but not too hot. I listened to more of Hunger Games and appreciated the fact that my current running plan has more days of running — 4 days in comparison to the 3 days of my earlier plan — but two of the days are 2-mile “easy” runs. For someone who can manage to turn a stress-relieving activity like running into a stressful part of her to-do list, a couple no-brainer runs just feel awesome. I don’t even feel bad taking a walking break halfway though. 🙂 I also am incredibly grateful that I’m able to run 2 miles and consider it an “easy” workout. That certainly wasn’t always the case.

I enjoyed ending my run back at home, where our yard is at full, late summer peak. We won’t have too many more weeks of this great weather before the grass goes dormant and our Rose of Sharon stops blooming.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to stress so much about the November half-marathon. I realized that I’m falling into the perfectionism trap again. It’s impossible to have the perfect two months of training leading up to the event, and trying to meet my training goals to a tee will be both stressful and disappointing. Committing to imperfectly meet my training goals is more likely to be effective towards my ultimate goal of finishing the half marathon, and it will be more fun besides. If I have to walk parts of the half, that’s ok. The plan is to keep a good attitude and enjoy it!

I also need to keep in mind the reason why I decided to do a half marathon in the first place. I want to prove to myself that I can make and reach a long-term goal exclusively for myself. That means that the struggle for me was never going to be race day. It’s all the days leading up to race day. It’s committing to make time for myself, and to take care of myself. To care enough about myself and my plans to do all the little things that make the big thing happen.

It’s not as if I don’t have support, either. My half marathon registration is actually a gift from someone who believed I could do it before I believed I could. And, as I was worrying about it aloud to my boyfriend yesterday, he showed his support by telling me, “You’ll do fine. You know why? Because you’re awesome.” (Aww!)

Awesomeness can’t offset complete unpreparedness, but I bet it’ll go a long way towards making up for all those little imperfections.

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