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Tatami mat

I’ve been working on a little project. And no, the project isn’t “How to take really shitty iPhone photos and then Photoshop them to death because you can’t correct the color.” The project I’m talking about is “How to turn that spare room into a yoga retreat while you can still enjoy it, i.e., before said room and your life are completely overrun by your hypothetical future progeny.” I feel incredibly lucky to have the mythical, Virginia Woolf room of my own. The problem is that computing alone is lonely, and it’s annoying to have to shout taunts all the…
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iFitness Running Belt

Guess who got a new toy! See that sweet doo-dad strapped on my hips? That, my friends, is a Neoprene Double Pouch Belt from iFitness, a company that seems to be heavily marketing themselves at racing expos lately. I’ve heard tons of great things about them online, but having not been to a big race in a while, I haven’t seen them in person yet. That didn’t keep me from sending the website to a SparkPeople friend who was looking for a way to bring his phone and some chapstick on a marathon a while back, though. He saw them…
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Downward Facing Mutt

This summer I’ve been dabbling here and there with Bikram yoga. It’s a style of yoga where you practice the same set series of poses in a super hot, humid room. Optionally, the instructor can berate you the whole time about how much your yoga sucks, or how you’re super lame for attempting to quaff a mouthful from your water bottle at the totally worst time ever during the class (which is pretty much anytime except after the first breathing series, or before the midway or final resting postures). The only thing I knew about Bikram yoga before taking my…
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Essential Gear, Part 3: Athletic Wear

This is the third part in a multi-part series of what kinds of “essential” fitness gadgets are out there, whether you could possibly live your life without them, and whether they’re worth it anyway. Essential Gear, Part 1: GPS Devices Essential Gear, Part 2: Heart Rate Monitors What to wear? What not to wear?  Appropriate attire has been a dilemma since the first neanderthal put on a loincloth and some beads before heading out to kill himself a kudu. Now that you’re an athlete extraordinaire, you can’t just look at clothes as appropriate or inappropriate, casual or business casual, formal…
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