The Great Kefir Post

Straight-up kefir

As you know, I’m on a huge probiotic kick at the moment. And, thanks to my friend Natasha, I’ve finally found a non-yogurt priobiotic food that I actually like — a lot. Kefir is totally delicious. It’s a wee bit sour with an effervescent tang, the same tang you get by mixing fruit juice (I like V8 Fusion, myself) with sparkling water. (Sparking juice is a great natural, caffeine- and sugar-free alternative to soda.) My kefir arrived in a ziplock baggie in an envelope in the mail, nothing more than little grains the size of peas mixed with powdered milk….
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Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms


What do you get from a cow after an earthquake? A milk shake! Ah, the humble American Milkshake. Lactoblendus americus. Treat of undeniable pleasure for some, awful harbinger of gastrointestinal distress for others. Until this week, I was firmly planted in the latter category. That’s before I met my new BFF. Well, my new colony of BFFs. Billions upon billions of tiny little creatures who simply cannot wait to stake their claim in the wasteland of my intestines: Probiotics. Probiotics are any number of microorganisms that benefit their hosts via colonization. Kind of like those birds that eat bugs off…
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Freezing Leftover Pizza Dough

Homemade Pizza

On Monday I told you that you should make yourself some pizza. The reviews of the dough recipe on Epicurious mentioned that you could easily freeze the majority of the dough for later use, but I wasn’t exactly clear on the best way to do so. So, I winged it! And it turned out great. In fact, I think it turned out better than the first batch. I’m attributing this to decreasing the cook time a little, rolling the edges of the crust, and remembering to brush the dough with olive oil before topping it, which I forgot last time….
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You should make pizza!

Don't leave this unattended, or else you might lose it to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles.

Meet my friend, Sponge: Sponge sat on my counter overnight getting spongy, fermented and delicious, prior to getting kneaded into a ridiculous amount of flour, which then sat in my fridge for a while, before getting rolled out and turned into: I’m still amazed at how easy it is to make your own pizza dough. I seriously thought I messed this batch up because I’m pretty sure I kneaded way too much flour into it. Despite too much flour, not enough oil, and getting impatient during the last rise… It worked! If you think pizza’s too hard, chillax and follow…
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Leftovers Made Easy

This weekend I had a brilliant idea. Why not take this conveniently-placed cabinet, which is right above the counter between the stove and the refrigerator and full of less often used items: And rearrange it to include the oft-used but difficult to grab leftover containers from this inconvenient (and incredibly messy) cabinet located under the counter? The results are well-organized and will likely remain that way since you no longer have to stoop over and poke your head into the dark, deep abyss of cabinetry to put everything away. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: This has already paid off immensely by…
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