The Ultimate Lactose-Free Milk Replacement

…is cashew cream (or milk)! I’m somewhat lactose intolerant, which sucks because my all-time favorite comfort food has always been Campbell’s Tomato Soup made with milk. It tastes absolutely awful with soymilk. But when I tried Tal Ronen’s recipe for cashew milk/cream and made said soup… it was amazing. It looked right, it cooked right, and it tasted perfect. I haven’t tasted that in literally years. I think cashew milk works better than soy in this instance due to the higher fat content, but the neutral flavor helps too. The only problem I had, using a less sophisticated blender than…
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Sundays are Made for Cooking

Super secret family spaghetti recipe

Happy Sunday, Internet! I’m in a great mood today. My Fitbit tells me that I’ve gotten 32.7 hours of sleep over the past three days, and it was awesome not wake up exhausted! I also had a nice talk with the boyfriend yesterday about everything that’s weighing me down. Sometimes talking about what’s getting you down helps, even if it’s not a “productive” talk, where you finish the conversation with an action plan. I also started reading a book on cognitive behavioral therapy (it’s called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies — normally I don’t like labeling myself a dummy, but…
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The Theoretically Tasty Breakfast

Continuing the topic of breakfast from earlier this week, I’d like to share with you one of my favorites. Be forewarned: It’s an odd combination. A toasted whole wheat english muffin, topped with peanut butter and lowfat cottage cheese. I concocted this mix in college during the nutrition segment of my college biology class. Whole grain carbs? Check! Lowfat protein? Check! Healthy fats? Check! And naturally, you could find all the ingredients for super cheap at Aldi Foods or Meijer’s. (Which we don’t have in Nevada, I might add.) It’s a classic Elaine concoction based on the idea that, if…
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Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker

Happy equinox everyone! Ok, the equinox was technically yesterday. However, it’s still a great segue into the ever-delicious topic of fall foods. With temperatures dropping, may I suggest that you have oatmeal for breakfast? And not any of that pre-packaged crap loaded with sugar and fake flavors. I’m talking about hot, hearty — might we say manly? — oatmeal: Scottish oats. The difference between rolled oats and Scottish oats comes down to consistency and cooking time. Rolled oats are thin and cook quickly. Very thinly rolled oats (“instant” oats) are so thin that you can cook them by soaking them…
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Food Rules (And Makes You Drool)

Wow! Check out what I had waiting on my desk at the office Monday morning: Yes! That’s a copy of Michael Pollan’s recent book, Food Rules. Pollan’s award-winning Omnivore’s Dilemma completely changed my outlook on food, and possibly rescued me from a lifelong quest to become a raging orthorexic. This handy little paperback expounds on one of Omnivore’s Dilemma biggest takeaway lessons: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Actually, that’s how Food Rules is structured. In the “Eat Food” category, you have such rules as “Avoid products that contain five or more ingredients” and “If it came from a…
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