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How Not to Train for a Marathon

The Big Sur International Marathon has come and gone, and I remain a 26.2 virgin. Nobody ever said “first time’s a charm,” so I’m taking the past six months as a learning experience. The Theory I can’t be too upset, because I didn’t follow a standard marathon training plan. Back in December, I recalled how […]

Eye of the Tiger

I spent two hours last night tearing through every bit of pack-rat nonsense I’ve hung onto since grade school. I found everything from my middle school BFF’s only squeaky-clean discipline card to my award-winning 4th grade short story about a poet and a dragon. Why did I submit myself to dust, belly button lint and […]

I ran a freaking half marathon.

Hey guys. I’m still in shock here. It’s been several days — long enough for my muscles to recover from their rigor mortis-like stiffness — but I still can’t believe that I ran (jogged? pseudo-walked? nearly crawled?) an entire 13.1 miles. Yes, a half marathon. Especially considering that my training took a serious nosedive way […]

Quantum Mechanics, Marshmallows, and Shutting The Hell Up

Something has been bugging me lately: Goals. Not the actual setting of goals, but the way we go about announcing and attempting to achieve them. Conventional wisdom suggests that you shout your goals to the mountaintops. Tell your friends, tell total strangers. Post it on your blog, post it on your mirror. Hatch the baby […]

Weekend Goal Evaluations

Happy weekend, guys! I’ve neglected myself a bit this week due to poor planning and a busy work week, so I’m very excited that it’s the weekend. I started it off last night by setting up all sorts of science experiments in my kitchen. I started another sponge for overnight pizza dough, and I introduced […]