Blogging it Real

I want a pony! No, a unicorn! And a kitten! And an iPad!!

In the interest of full disclosure (and also because I was highly disturbed to be referred to as a fitness guru earlier today — thanks Tony! 😉 ), I thought I would give you a breakdown of what I’ve actually done this week in comparison to what I said I was planning to do in earlier posts. The Plan In an ideal world — where unicorns fart rainbows, 1 in 4 truly do win something at the McDonald’s Monopoly game, and I can see my abs — every day this week I would have leapt from my silken, thousand thread…
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Intuitive Weight Loss

Hello, Internet! This week I’m entering into a very scary phase… Weight loss. Unlike most women, I didn’t give a damn about a lot of superficial things until I was about 17. My wardrobe consisted of various t-shirts and tank tops sporting horizontal stripes, quotes about cats, or logos of newly released video games that I got from working at Electronics Boutique. My favorite feature was my hair, because it was soft and shiny. I didn’t really care about being popular because I had a few really good friends, which was all that I wanted or needed. I didn’t get…
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Some days it just doesn’t happen, and that’s ok

So I was hoping to post fun photos from my Sunday 7-miler in today’s post… but Sunday’s 7-miler just didn’t happen! Some sort of storm was trying to blow into Reno, and while I can deal with running in heat, cold, rain, or dark, running against wind is simply nasty, doubly so when you’re running past vast undeveloped lots subject to dust storms. When we first moved into our house here a few years ago, before more of the lots were developed or any of the yards were landscaped, we had at least two Burning Man quality whiteouts. As far…
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