Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms


What do you get from a cow after an earthquake? A milk shake! Ah, the humble American Milkshake. Lactoblendus americus. Treat of undeniable pleasure for some, awful harbinger of gastrointestinal distress for others. Until this week, I was firmly planted in the latter category. That’s before I met my new BFF. Well, my new colony of BFFs. Billions upon billions of tiny little creatures who simply cannot wait to stake their claim in the wasteland of my intestines: Probiotics. Probiotics are any number of microorganisms that benefit their hosts via colonization. Kind of like those birds that eat bugs off…
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Personal Maintenance


This week has been all about maintenance. I’ve taken myself in to the doctor for my annual maintenance, and my car is due in to the mechanic for all sorts of mechanical maintenance. I’ve even been maintaining old websites. If you’re a guy, you might want to skip to the car part at the end of this post, or maybe come back for the next post. 😉 Here are a few things I’ve learned this week: Your Gynecologist Is A Doctor Too Actually, I see one of the nurse practitioners, but she has a wealth of helpful medical knowledge, having…
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Greet the Sun

I met the sunrise for the first time in months this week, and it felt wonderful! Last week, in addition to starting a regimen of a multivitamin plus fish oil supplements, I decided that I was going to sleep. I was going to put Rip Van Winkle to shame if need be. I knew I was probably sleep deprived, but I had no idea I would clock three 10-hour nights and several naps before feeling awake in the morning for the first time in forever. I also felt pretty normal. In good spirits, even. Thinking back on my history of…
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Intuitive Weight Loss

Hello, Internet! This week I’m entering into a very scary phase… Weight loss. Unlike most women, I didn’t give a damn about a lot of superficial things until I was about 17. My wardrobe consisted of various t-shirts and tank tops sporting horizontal stripes, quotes about cats, or logos of newly released video games that I got from working at Electronics Boutique. My favorite feature was my hair, because it was soft and shiny. I didn’t really care about being popular because I had a few really good friends, which was all that I wanted or needed. I didn’t get…
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Fatigue Busters and Mood Boosters

While I’m waiting for my new health insurance to kick in, I thought I’d look at a few over-the-counter means of combating dysthymia (mild, chronic depression) until I can talk to my doctor about it. I figure the two key symptoms to focus on are fatigue and mood. It can’t be a coincidence that “tired and grumpy” is as natural a combo as peanut butter and jelly, or R2D2 and C3P0. Fatigue Busters 1. Water Yes, unadulterated, non-caffeinated water is one of the simplest cures for low energy. I discovered this firsthand on a trip to Disneyworld, when I was…
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