Discovering Your Potential

Last week I took a gamble by signing up for five consecutive days of intensive training at Freestyle’s black belt candidate camp, while simultaneously pushing to meet deadlines and move forward in my freelance programming career. Going into this test, and going into this past week of training, involved a lot of committing myself first and figuring out if I could succeed later… but I think it totally paid off!

Comment Roundup

Thank you guys so much your comments last week! I was stoked to see all the positive responses on Twitter, too. I truly appreciate your support in my blogging adventures. This week’s comment roundup: Exercise vs. Depression: Round 1. FIGHT! Several of you commented on being open about depression. It’s important to me to lay it all out there, because it seems as though few bloggers, especially food and fitness bloggers, talk about it much, if at all. I was so surprised — and proud — when Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point announced on her blog that her “big secret”…
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