The Pitfalls of Recreational Running

I have never made a sports team that I had to try out for. Granted, I only tried out for volleyball one semester in high school, so that’s not really surprising. The point is, I’m not competitive. I’m a recreational athlete through and through. Most of the time I don’t even compete against myself. I’m just out there to be out there. You could say that my training plans are looser than a Ferengi’s morals. So, it’s no surprise that, as a runner, I was nearly felled by recreational running injuries. At least, that’s what I took away from this…
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Fatigue Busters and Mood Boosters

While I’m waiting for my new health insurance to kick in, I thought I’d look at a few over-the-counter means of combating dysthymia (mild, chronic depression) until I can talk to my doctor about it. I figure the two key symptoms to focus on are fatigue and mood. It can’t be a coincidence that “tired and grumpy” is as natural a combo as peanut butter and jelly, or R2D2 and C3P0. Fatigue Busters 1. Water Yes, unadulterated, non-caffeinated water is one of the simplest cures for low energy. I discovered this firsthand on a trip to Disneyworld, when I was…
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Some days it just doesn’t happen, and that’s ok

So I was hoping to post fun photos from my Sunday 7-miler in today’s post… but Sunday’s 7-miler just didn’t happen! Some sort of storm was trying to blow into Reno, and while I can deal with running in heat, cold, rain, or dark, running against wind is simply nasty, doubly so when you’re running past vast undeveloped lots subject to dust storms. When we first moved into our house here a few years ago, before more of the lots were developed or any of the yards were landscaped, we had at least two Burning Man quality whiteouts. As far…
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Comment Roundup

Thank you guys so much your comments last week! I was stoked to see all the positive responses on Twitter, too. I truly appreciate your support in my blogging adventures. This week’s comment roundup: Exercise vs. Depression: Round 1. FIGHT! Several of you commented on being open about depression. It’s important to me to lay it all out there, because it seems as though few bloggers, especially food and fitness bloggers, talk about it much, if at all. I was so surprised — and proud — when Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point announced on her blog that her “big secret”…
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Videospiration: Ben’s 120 Pound Journey

Ben Davis lost 120 pounds and became a happier person through running and triathlons. Then he used Coldplay to summarize the experience and made me cry.* Watch this clip, then spend your Saturday wisely! In January 2009, I made the decision to get a grip, get out of my depression, and do life. I started running and started a blog. 120 pounds lost, but much more gained. This is how far I’ve come. *Yeah, that’s probably just PMS talking. Cupcake Wars would make me cry right now. But Ben’s video is still pretty inspirational. Via @dailymile.

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