Videospiration: Ben’s 120 Pound Journey

Ben Davis lost 120 pounds and became a happier person through running and triathlons. Then he used Coldplay to summarize the experience and made me cry.* Watch this clip, then spend your Saturday wisely! In January 2009, I made the decision to get a grip, get out of my depression, and do life. I started running and started a blog. 120 pounds lost, but much more gained. This is how far I’ve come. *Yeah, that’s probably just PMS talking. Cupcake Wars would make me cry right now. But Ben’s video is still pretty inspirational. Via @dailymile.

Essential Gear, Part 2: Heart Rate Monitors

Remember Tip #5 from Wednesday’s post? There’s no better time to try it — new users are eligible for two free audiobooks. Click here to sign up. I listened to the first two chapters of Hunger Games on my run last night, and it was awesome. This is the second part in a multi-part series of what kinds of “essential” fitness gadgets are out there, whether you could possibly live your life without them, and whether they’re worth it anyway. Essential Gear, Part 1: GPS Devices Heart rate monitors. The first time I saw one outside of a doctor’s…
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How to Start a Fitness Program

So you want to start a fitness program? Congratulations on completing the difficult first step of your goal: Making the decision to get active. Now that you’re committed, what do you expect from a new fitness program? Be honest. Are you going to get fit, even if it kills you? Or do you just want a little more energy to keep up with the kids? Do you intend to work out every day, perhaps twice a day, until you’re climbing mountains, swimming oceans, and running with gazelles? Or are you looking for 30 minutes a day, three or four days…
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10 Ways to Just Do It


Success! After nearly a month’s worth of lazing around thinking about running, worrying about running, and reading about running, I actually went out running!  How do you inspire, cajole, guilt-trip or fear-monger the motivation required to get out and start a training program? My motivation sucks so bad that it takes a good sprinkling of techniques to get me going when the going’s bad. These are some of my favorites. 1. Have a reasonable plan. It’s difficult to stay focused without a plan, but nothing will make you drop your plan faster than biting off more than you can chew….
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Food Rules (And Makes You Drool)

Wow! Check out what I had waiting on my desk at the office Monday morning: Yes! That’s a copy of Michael Pollan’s recent book, Food Rules. Pollan’s award-winning Omnivore’s Dilemma completely changed my outlook on food, and possibly rescued me from a lifelong quest to become a raging orthorexic. This handy little paperback expounds on one of Omnivore’s Dilemma biggest takeaway lessons: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Actually, that’s how Food Rules is structured. In the “Eat Food” category, you have such rules as “Avoid products that contain five or more ingredients” and “If it came from a…
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