Why Martial Arts?

It’s strange to have the word “martial” in your favorite hobby when you’re a non-competitive person like me who actively avoids confrontation. It’s doubly strange when, instead of doing one of the “artsier” martial arts, you end up in a mixed program that borrows heavily from the UFC.


If I asked you to envision a fighter training for a big event, you’ll probably get “Eye of the Tiger” stuck in your head while you flash back to some of the greatest training montages of movie history. One man against his own biggest obstacle — himself — with nothing but grit and an unrelenting coach to guide him.

Maybe that’s the way it has to be for the Dark Knight, but in my experience, the best thing about martial arts, and the thing that constantly pushes me beyond my own limits, is the community. Let me tell you a little about my community, Freestyle’s Intention black belt testing team!

Inertia vs. Long Term Goals

Beyond the Mat Lesson Five: It Takes Daily Commitment (Constant And Never-Ending Improvement) This topic is certainly timed well. Checklisting ended two weeks ago, and Tres warned us that these next three months will be the most difficult part of the black belt test. Looking back at the unceasing daily grind of technique checks from the last three months, it was initially difficult to believe. But the difficulty lies less in the actual training, and more in your mental approach without the structure of daily progress checks. So how do you maintain that same level of day-to-day improvement, let alone ramp it up to the next…
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