5 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Beyond the Mat Lesson #6: Change Your Mind and Your Life will Follow This Beyond the Mat lesson is both timely and frustrating. My meditation practice over the last year-plus uncovered some very deep rooted emotions regarding self worth that simple affirmations don’t touch. Most of the time, thanks to what I call “mental hygiene,” I function pretty well with a decent amount of self-esteem. Sometimes, though, it takes a hit, and as I mentioned in my previous journal entry — it took a hit this week for sure. Positive affirmations are a great tool for mental hygiene, so you…
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The Hot Mess

My last update was before the pre-test! Gee, that was a while ago. Looking back, this month has had more ups and downs than a bouncey castle. High point: I got my best-ever 400-yard dash at run club, clocking in at 1:18 (or, 78 seconds in sprinter parlance). Low point: Public instructor critique after the pre-test. I wasn’t the only one crying in my car, apparently. It’s a good thing Gordon Ramsay isn’t a Freestyle instructor! Overall I’m doing alright. I did better than my first degree test on plank, squats and the hamstring stretch. Today I got fewer sit-ups…
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Zoiks! She’s a Master of Disguise

Sometimes I feel like a Scooby Doo villain. At some critical point during this black belt test, my talented fellow testers will unmask this personae of “CGN Elaine” to reveal the sinister, lazy, asthmatic two-timer trying to pass herself off as a black belt and martial artist. What is imposter syndrome? How do you cope with self loathing? And who has been terrorizing the town dressed as a space ghost all this time?