The Difference Between Knowing, and Knowing

I just finished the third week of the black belt test, and it’s only now dawning on me exactly how much of a commitment I’m in for. The conditioning log, checklist, and attendance log looked a lot smaller when they were empty; now that three weeks have been completed, those remaining blank spaces are starting to look awfully daunting.

Logically, I knew what I was in for, but there’s knowledge, and then there’s knowledge.

Taping Your Feet For Martial Arts

I’ve got plenty of problems when it comes to martial arts. My thai kicks are lame, I get asthma attacks, and I can’t wear glasses with a sparring helmet on (plus, I don’t have contacts), so for me, sparring’s like that scene from Star Wars with Luke and Obi-Wan. But the most frustrating thing ever is getting cracks in the balls of my feet. Because even when I ace my thai kicks, remember to use my inhaler before class, and am doing drills without a helmet (and therefore, with eyesight!) — damaged skin on the bottoms of my feet hurts like a mofo and makes the mats…
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